Full support Bra

For 25 years, Capri® has designed and created bras that provides women the support and confidence she deserves. Capri’s carefully crafted stitches, straps, hooks and material make our Full Support Bra’s the ideal choice for women who know what they want.

A significant number of women, unfortunately wear the wrong bra size or fit. This is due bad shoping experiences, misinformation by adverts and magazines and simply traditional purchasing habits. Capri® Bra’s ensure the right fit and comfort for longer periods of the day.


Capri® bottoms focuses on the needs of the modern women, be it the protection of their modesty, providing confidence or simply maintaining hygiene, our range of panties, slacks and shorts meets all her needs.

About Capri

Nine Stars Textiles was established in Dubai, U.A.E in 1995 as a forwarding arm of our parent company Standard Exporters Ltd established 1986 in Hong Kong/China.

Over the years the group has launched brands in the lingerie or intimate apparel industry such as Capri, Miss Anne and Junk. Amongst them Capri remains synonymous with key product categories such as Brassieres and Panties.

The Capri® brand has developed a wide variety of products in the Brassiere and Panties category, with innovations in materials, fitting and sizes and turn-key solutions based on market requirements.

Capri® products have previously been available in the following Brand logos and identity.

Capri Old Logo Capri Old Logo Capri Old Logo


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